Economic Impact

The Burlington Alamance Regional Airport is an invaluable cornerstone of the local economy.  Not only is it a hub of transportation, connecting locals and visitors to the far reaches of the globe, but it’s also a symbol of our area’s pride in the private and executive air travel industry.

Based on information provided by the NCDOT Division of Aviation. The Burlington Alamance Regional Airport continues to provide jobs, tax revenue and millions of dollars in personal income and economic impact.

The Burlington Alamance Regional Airport takes pride in how it serves our local community. With its diverse flight services, accessibility, and customer service, it is an invaluable asset to Burlington, Alamance County area, and beyond.

We understand the importance of air travel and are committed to providing reliable and efficient service. Our goal is to make aviation safe, secure, and accessible to everyone in the region. Explore a whole new world of opportunity with the Burlington Alamance Regional Airport.