Master Plan

As we continue to serve our corporate clients and invest in our local community, we are thinking and planning forward. We are positioned to meet the growing needs of our community as businesses are looking to expand.  We have developed a Master Plan to accomplish our goals of growing our facilities. With an expanded runway, property and hangar development, and aerospace projects, we can provide more for our clients and curate jobs for the community.

The Burlington Alamance Regional Airport is more than one stop on a journey; it is a place to conduct business, experience great customer service, and build community relationships.

Experience the future of air travel with the Burlington Alamance Regional Airport’s Master Plan. This innovative project will modernize the airport experience for everyone from commuters, general aviation enthusiasts, to corporate clients. Building additional hangar space will meet the needs of the expanding business flights as well as ensure space to safely store more aircraft. Our goal is for the Burlington Alamance Regional Airport to continue to provide the hassle-free experience that travelers have grown to expect while building for the future to enhance our travel experience.